Play and Scandinavian design in focus at Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen

Has your partner always loved carousels and roller coasters, romantic gourmet restaurants and great concerts?

Then treat yourself and your special someone to a wonderful hotel experience at Tivoli Hotel with its accompanying entrance ticket to Tivoli.

The hotel offers a hearty breakfast buffet and on the 12th floor of the hotel, you'll find the beautifully designed restaurants Sticks'n'Sushi and MASH Penthouse where you can enjoy your dinner as you look out over the city skyline.

A hotel experience with relaxation and adventures

The hotel was designed by the famous architect Kim Utzon, who was inspired by the Swedish landscape. The hotel's rooms are decorated in a theme featuring colours and patterns borrowed from Tivoli's universe.

These designs have been taken a little further in some rooms, with themes of guards and Columbine rooms. The rooms all have comfortable beds and Scandinavian duvets that you can snuggle under as you sleep.

Other facilities at the hotel include a gym, a swimming pool and indoor and outdoor play areas. The indoor play area features some of the magical mirrors from the old fun house in Tivoli.

Copenhagen – a city you'll fall in love with

In addition to the unparalleled hotel experience and a trip to Tivoli, Copenhagen has so much more to offer. How much you manage to see, of course, depends on how long you have in the city.

Each neighbourhood has its charm and shadowy side, so be inspired by the different seasonal events or exhibitions and wander around the small parks, streets and neighbourhoods – this is where you can really feel the soul of the city.

You might like to rent a bike to get around more easily or take the train to Humlebæk and visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Take a break from time to time and sense the city in certain places where you can almost look through “several layers” of Copenhagen, e.g. at Dronning Louises Bro, Knippelsbro, the Opera House where you can look over to Amaliehaven, or Slotspladsen where you can look over to Frederikskirken (the Marble Church).

Look forward to experiencing the city and spend the night in a hotel in Copenhagen.