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Welcome to Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, your preferred conference hotel in Copenhagen.

With us, you get:

Access to 53 meeting and conference rooms
Catering your participants will remember
Professional AV equipment
Sublime accommodation options

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Why should you choose Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center?

We'll humbly answer that question here. The hotel possesses many unique characteristics. Feel free to explore the rest of our website or contact us for a tour, so you can truly experience the ambiance of the hotel.

By choosing us as your conference hotel, you get:

  • An Event Manager who is with you from start to finish
  • State-of-the-art AV equipment and on-site technicians
  • A Green Key-certified hotel and conference center
  • Space for anywhere from 2 to 2400 participants
  • Catering that your participants will remember
  • Environments that foster new streams of thought and creative inputs

Customize your event

At Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, you can customize your conference down to the smallest detail, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for all your participants.

Our experienced Event Managers work closely with you to tailor the event precisely to your needs and desires. We understand the importance of details in creating the perfect conference.

State-of-the-art conference rooms and meeting facilities in the center of Copenhagen

The hotel is located close to Copenhagen Central Station and near Copenhagen Airport, which has connections to 161 destinations globally. So, if you are hosting a conference or similar event with international participants, it's easy and convenient to get to the hotel.

An added benefit of choosing the hotel as the venue for international events is that your participants will have access to a range of attractions in the nearby area as well as a handful of bars and restaurants on the hotel premises.

Tivoli Congress Hall

Tivoli Congress Hall is undoubtedly Copenhagen's most beautiful and unique congress hall, capable of accommodating up to 2400 guests.

Architect Kim Utzon designed Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center with a focus on natural light, functionality, unparalleled acoustics, and fantastic architecture.

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Smaller conference rooms

At Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, we have 53 meeting rooms in various sizes. The smallest rooms can accommodate up to 8 people, while the largest conference rooms can hold up to 450 people.

The Tivoli Congress Hall can accommodate up to 2400 people.

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First-class catering

Let's be honest, the food at a meeting, conference, or large congress is important! On top of that, it's important to be able to customize the catering if some of your participants have preferences or allergies.

At Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, we specialize in providing exquisite and tasty catering regardless of how many participants you have. Our team of experienced chefs are experts in customizing menus to perfectly suit your event and your participants' preferences.

You can get catering for all meals of the day from breakfast to dinner. We can serve the food in your meeting or conference room, adjoining foyer areas, or in our elegant restaurant Tivoli Brasserie, depending on what best suits your day.

We focus on sustainability by minimizing food waste, sourcing locally, and considering green alternatives when planning the catering for your conference.

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Conference with accommodation

Should your participants stay and spend the night? As a leading conference hotel in Copenhagen, you can be sure that your accommodation needs will be met with rooms offering comfort, luxury, and a touch of Tivoli magic.

We have a total of 679 rooms

Our rooms at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center are a perfect fusion of tranquility, style, and the magic of Tivoli. Each room is designed with a modern aesthetic and the necessary amenities for a relaxing experience, combined with a discreet Tivoli expression.

With luxurious beds, Wi-Fi, and desks, our rooms are ideally set up for both work and relaxation.

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Facilities that will sweeten the stay

Guests staying for conferences at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center can enjoy first-class facilities. We offer everything from an inviting pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center to exquisite dining options and cozy bars.

These facilities create the perfect environment for relaxation and networking after the day's official program. The hotel is the preferred choice for any conference organizer who wishes to offer their participants an unforgettable experience.

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Easy access to transportation and Copenhagen's attractions

Do you want the full package? You know, the one where participants have the opportunity to combine their business trip or meeting with cultural experiences.

With the hotel's location in the heart of Copenhagen, it's easy for your participants to explore the city's rich history, architecture, culinary gems, and vibrant urban environment once the day's conferences or meetings are concluded.

A short walk, bike ride (you can rent bikes at the hotel), or a quick trip on public transportation opens the doors to the enchanting Tivoli Gardens, the colorful Nyhavn, and the impressive National Museum. Thus, with the location of Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, you and your participants can easily experience the best of Copenhagen, even with a tight schedule.

If you're not so familiar with the city, our experienced staff are ready to recommend local attractions, cultural events, and hidden gems in Copenhagen. This way, participants can have a memorable experience of the city.

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