Fun activities and experiences for couples in Copenhagen

Copenhagen welcomes you to a world of adventure and pleasures for couples.

The city is teeming with fun and unique activities, perfect for everything from romantic dates to special anniversary celebrations.

Dive into our guide and discover the fun activities for couples that Copenhagen has to offer.

And if you stay at the Tivoli Hotel, you have easy access to all the experiences.

In our extensive guide, you can read about:

  • Indoor activities
  • Affordable experiences for two
  • Great places for romantic walks
  • Romantic dining spots
  • Nature experiences
  • Active adventures for couples

Indoor activities

Even when the weather in Copenhagen doesn't invite outdoor adventures, there are plenty of indoor activities for you as a couple to enjoy together.

Below, you can see some of our favorites.

Art and Culture at Museums

Copenhagen is a true treasure trove for lovers of art and culture, offering a wealth of museums that are perfect for couples wishing to immerse themselves in both historical and modern artworks.

Here are some of the most recommendable museums you can visit together.

The National Gallery of Denmark

The National Gallery of Denmark is Denmark's national gallery and the largest art museum in the country. The museum houses an impressive collection of Danish and international art spanning 700 years.

Here, you can explore everything from medieval works to modern art. SMK is also known for its changing special exhibitions, which are often groundbreaking and thought-provoking.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

A short train ride from Copenhagen, you will find the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located in picturesque surroundings near the Øresund Strait. Louisiana is famous for its collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as its unique architecture and beautiful garden, making it a perfect setting for a romantic day.

The museum presents a wide spectrum of artworks, including works by Picasso, Warhol, and Hockney.

Designmuseum Denmark

For couples interested in design and architecture, Designmuseum Denmark is a must-visit.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the museum offers an extensive collection of Danish design; from the mid-20th century to today. Here, you can explore design icons within furniture, fashion, textile, and graphic design.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, located in Ishøj, just south of Copenhagen, is another excellent choice for art-interested couples. The museum is known for its impressive architecture and exhibitions of Danish and international contemporary art.

ARKEN's collections and exhibitions are dynamic and often interactive, making the visit an exciting and engaging experience.

Read more in our guide to culture in Copenhagen

Wellness and relaxation

For couples who could use a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Copenhagen offers various wellness options.

It may be a good idea to check if it's necessary to book a time in advance.


Little Siberia by CopenHot on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen is a unique experience with wilderness baths, cold water tanks, and wood-fired saunas, offering a combination of relaxation and raw nature in the heart of the city.

Samadhi Spa

Samadhi Spa is a peaceful retreat where you can pamper yourself with a range of wellness treatments. From facial treatments to body massages, everything is designed to give you a sense of total relaxation and harmony.

This spa focuses on holistic well-being, ensuring a deep and renewing experience.

AIRE Ancient Baths Copenhagen

For a unique spa experience, visit AIRE Ancient Baths Copenhagen. Inspired by the traditional Roman baths, this spa offers a range of water-based treatments and experiences.

Enjoy various baths with varying temperatures, aromatic steam baths, and saltwater pools, all in an atmosphere that exudes history and luxury.

Escape room

There are several providers of Escape Rooms in Copenhagen, and it is an ideal romantic experience together for those who want to dive into a world of adventure and puzzle solving.

It's a fun and different way to spend time together, where you can explore and solve challenges side by side, thereby creating unique and memorable moments.

Cheap experiences for 2

For those of you who want romantic experiences in Copenhagen without emptying your wallet, there are a wealth of cheap and free experiences available.

Free museum visits

Several of Copenhagen's museums offer free admission on selected days. It's a fantastic way for couples to immerse themselves in art and culture without spending a fortune. Check out the National Museum or Glyptoteket, both of which boast impressive collections.

City walks

Copenhagen is a wonderful city to explore on foot. Take a romantic walk along the picturesque canals, through the historic streets of the Inner City, or visit charming areas like Christianshavn.

These walks are not only free but also provide an authentic experience of the city's atmosphere.

Read our section on romantic walks further down the page for more ideas.

Picnic in one of Copenhagen's parks

A picnic in one of Copenhagen's many beautiful parks is both romantic and economical. The King's Garden, Fælledparken, or Amager Beach Park are perfect places to settle down with a basket and enjoy each other's company.

Exhibitions at libraries

Copenhagen's libraries, such as the Royal Library (also known as the Black Diamond), are not just places for books but also architectural gems that often host free exhibitions or cultural events.

Beach visits

If the weather allows, you can take a trip to one of Copenhagen's beaches, which is a lovely and free way to spend the day. Amager Beach Park and Svanemølle Beach are popular choices where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

These budget-friendly experiences in Copenhagen ensure that couples can enjoy the city without worrying about large expenses.

It's a perfect way to experience the city's charm and romance while making the most of your visit.

Romantic walks

Enjoy the city hand in hand.


The famous amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen offers beautiful gardens and cozy paths perfect for a relaxing walk.

You can enjoy the colorful flowers, the small lakes, and the charming stalls. In the evening, Tivoli lights up with thousands of lamps, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that invites romance.

It's an ideal place to create sweet memories together, enjoy each other's company, and just relax in beautiful surroundings.


Nyhavn is an iconic stop on any romantic walk in Copenhagen. With its colorful facades and historic wooden ships reflecting in the canal's water, Nyhavn creates an idyllic and photogenic backdrop.

A stroll along the quay, possibly concluded with a cozy dinner or a drink at one of the many restaurants and cafes, is a great way to enjoy each other's company.

The Citadel

The Citadel, with its well-maintained green areas and historic buildings, offers a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

You can walk along the old fortifications and enjoy the view of the Øresund, or relax on the green areas and maybe even spot some of the wild rabbits that live in the area.

Christianshavn's Canals

Another charming route for romantic walks is along the canals of Christianshavn. This area, with its narrow waterways and beautiful old houses, has a very special atmosphere.

A walk here can be combined with a visit to the cozy cafes or a trip past Christiania for a unique experience.

Frederiksberg Garden

Frederiksberg Garden is a favorite place for couples seeking a romantic walk in greener surroundings. The garden offers beautiful landscapes, idyllic paths, and small lakes.

Here, you can also visit Frederiksberg Palace and enjoy the magnificent view of the garden.

Amalienborg and The Royal Library Garden

For a walk with a royal touch, take a trip past Amalienborg Palace, where you can experience the changing of the guard, and then continue to The Royal Library Garden.

This hidden gem is a peaceful place, perfect for a quiet moment together.

Culinary experiences

Copenhagen is a true culinary mecca.

Gourmet Dinners in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a true playground for gourmets, and the city offers an abundance of gourmet experiences that can satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Michelin restaurants

The city's Michelin-starred restaurants are world-famous for their innovative cuisine and exquisite flavor combinations, where each dish is not only a delight for the palate but also a work of art for the eye.

For couples wanting to dive into a world of culinary extravagance, an evening at one of these top restaurants is an unforgettable experience.

For example, you can visit Geranium, known for its sublime interpretation of Nordic cuisine, or try Noma, which has been repeatedly named the world's best restaurant and is famous for its avant-garde approach to cooking.

Cozy local restaurants to food markets

But gourmet experiences in Copenhagen are not limited to the star-studded establishments. The city is teeming with up-and-coming chefs who bring fresh ideas and exciting flavor combinations to the table in restaurants like Bouillon in Frederiksberg, Poulette in Nørrebro, Fabro in the Inner City, Pluto in Copenhagen K, Restaurant Radio in Vesterbro, and Barr in Christianshavn.

These smaller, but equally passionate restaurants, offer intimate and cozy settings, perfect for a romantic dinner.

In addition to traditional restaurants, couples can also explore the many gourmet markets like Torvehallerne, where local delicacies and fresh produce are presented.

Here you can enjoy everything from handmade chocolate to gourmet cheeses and organic wines, perfect for an afternoon snack or as part of a romantic picnic.

Cozy pastry shops and bakeries

Copenhagen is not only a paradise for gourmet lovers but also for those who appreciate the cozy atmosphere of the city's many cafes and bakeries. These places are perfect for couples who want to enjoy a relaxed moment together, surrounded by the scent of freshly baked bread and freshly brewed coffee.

The city's cafes vary widely in style and atmosphere, from trendy and modern to more traditional and cozy. For example, visit La Glace, a historic confectionery that has been serving sweet treats since 1870, where you can enjoy a classic Danish cake with a cup of hot coffee in nostalgic surroundings.

Or head to Bertels Kager, known for its delicious cheesecakes and cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal stop for a sweet break in the city walk.

For those who love freshly baked bread and pastries, a visit to one of the city's many bakeries is a must. Lagkagehuset, with several branches around the city, offers a wide selection of bread, cakes, and other pastries, perfect for a quick snack or a cozy breakfast for two.

Another favorite is Meyers Bakery, where you can taste the famous Danish rye bread or try one of the many innovative baking creations.

These cafes and bakeries offer not only delicious delicacies but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can sit and chat and observe city life.

It's the small moments here, like sharing a cake or toasting in a cup of coffee, that create cozy memories and contribute to the overall experience of a romantic adventure for two in Copenhagen.

Experiences in nature

Copenhagen is not only a city with magnificent architecture and vibrant city life; it also offers beautiful natural experiences, which are perfect for those of you who want to spend time together in the green.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a peaceful oasis in the middle of Copenhagen. Here, couples can walk hand in hand through beautiful flower beds and exotic greenhouses. The garden houses an impressive collection of plants from all over the world, making it an ideal place for a romantic and educational walk.

Canal Tours in Copenhagen's Canals

A boat trip through Copenhagen's canals offers a unique view of the city from the water. It's a romantic activity where you can see many of the city's attractions while enjoying the tranquility of the water.

Several companies also offer guided canal tours that tell about the city's history and architecture.

Amager Beach Park

For couples who enjoy the beach life, Amager Beach Park is the perfect place to visit. Here, you can take long walks on the beach, swim, or just relax and enjoy the sunset. In the summer, the beach park is a lively place with many activities and opportunities for water sports.

The Deer Park

A short train ride from Copenhagen, you will find The Deer Park (Dyrehaven in Danish), a large natural area ideal for hiking, picnics, and wildlife observation. The park is home to hundreds of free-roaming deer, and the beautiful Eremitage Palace is also located in the park. A trip to The Deer Park is a fantastic way to experience nature, close to the city.

Frederiksberg Garden

Frederiksberg Garden is another beautiful park that offers a romantic setting for a walk. The garden is known for its picturesque waterways, small bridges, and the classic Frederiksberg Palace. It's a popular place for couples seeking a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Active adventures for couples

For couples looking for a bit more action and adventure on their trip to Copenhagen, there are plenty of opportunities to get the heart rate up and experience the city from a more active angle.

Bike rides around the city

Copenhagen is one of the world's most bicycle-friendly cities, and a bike ride is a fantastic way to experience the city.

Rent a bike and explore the city's many diverse neighborhoods, from the historic streets of the Inner City to trendy areas like Vesterbro and Nørrebro. There's also the option to go on guided bike tours, which can offer a new perspective on the city's history and culture.


For adventurous couples, climbing is an exciting and challenging activity. Copenhagen has several indoor climbing centers that offer walls for both beginners and advanced climbers. It's a fun way to spend time together while strengthening both body and teamwork skills.

Kayaking in the harbor

Another unique way to experience Copenhagen is from a kayak in the city's harbor area. It's a special feeling to sail between the city's canals and enjoy the view of the city's attractions from the water. Both guided tours and kayak rentals are available for the more experienced.

Running in the city

For couples who love to run, Copenhagen is also a fantastic place to lace up their running shoes. The city offers several beautiful running routes, for example along the waterfront, in Fælledparken, or around the Lakes. It's a healthy and energetic way to start the day while experiencing the city from a different angle.

These active adventures in Copenhagen are perfect for couples who want to combine romance with physical activity and new experiences. They offer the opportunity to create unique memories together and see the city from a completely new side.

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