Experiences in Copenhagen - read our extensive guide!

Copenhagen, Denmark's vibrant capital, is a treasure trove of experiences and attractions waiting to be explored.

Whether you are interested in culture, a family looking for fun activities, a couple on a romantic date, or something entirely different, Copenhagen is the ideal place.

In our extensive guide, you can read more about:

  • Classic cultural experiences
  • Copenhagen's neighborhoods, including shopping opportunities
  • Activities for children
  • Culinary experiences
  • Weekend stays

Experiences and attractions in Copenhagen for all ages and every occasion

Classic cultural experiences in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a cultural metropolis brimming with a wealth of diverse cultural experiences. The city offers everything from the impressive art collections at Glyptoteket to fascinating visits to the architectural gem, the Black Diamond, as well as the captivating performances at the Royal Theatre.

You can also visit the Amalienborg Museum at Amalienborg Palace, the magnificent residence of the Danish monarchy. For history enthusiasts, Copenhagen offers a wealth of museums and guided historical city walks that delve into both the city's and the country's past. Explore the National Museum or Copenhagen Museum for a deeper understanding of Danish history and culture.

Architecture enthusiasts will be impressed by the city's modern architectural masterpieces like the Opera House on Holmen, an example of modern design and acoustic innovation, or the award-winning BLOX, which is home to the Danish Architecture Center. These buildings attract not only because of their beautiful architecture but also for their exciting exhibitions and cultural events.

If you are a couple looking for romantic experiences in Copenhagen, you will enjoy walking along the picturesque cobblestone streets or an idyllic canal tour, which offers a unique perspective of the city from the water.

Moreover, an evening in Tivoli, with its enchanting gardens and nostalgic rides, can create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Explore Copenhagen's neighborhoods and shopping opportunities

Embark on an exciting journey through Copenhagen's unique and diverse districts, each with its own special charm and atmosphere, and dive into the city's endless shopping opportunities.

Experience the vibrant energy and cultural diversity that make each district something special, while exploring a true paradise for shopaholics.


In Nørrebro, you'll find a mix of independent shops, cozy coffee bars, and a wide selection of culinary experiences. This neighborhood is known for its dynamic and creative spirit, where tradition meets innovation, and is perfect for finding trendy stores with up-and-coming designers and unique fashion boutiques.


Vesterbro has a trendy and artistic vibe, with hip cafes, modern galleries, and a range of exciting dining options. The area also features fashion-conscious stores that attract those looking for something special.


Christianshavn is a unique and distinctive area in Copenhagen, enchanting visitors with its idyllic canals and historic buildings that testify to a rich past. The neighborhood's cozy streets and colorful houses create an atmosphere of genuine Copenhagen charm.


Østerbro is known for its quiet streets and elegant residences. The area exudes calm and is ideal for relaxing walks along the wide boulevards, where you can admire beautiful architecture.


Frederiksberg, located as an enclave within Copenhagen, impresses with its aristocratic flair and beautiful parks. The area has a special royal charm with Frederiksberg Castle and the surrounding gardens as highlights.


Amager is a dynamic part of Copenhagen, known for its impressive modern architecture in Ørestad and a rich cultural life with everything from street food markets to lively music scenes.

Inner City

Conclude your tour in the Inner City, where you can experience the city's wealth of history and culture as well as Strøget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets.

After a day filled with shopping and new impressions, Tivoli Hotel is the perfect place to return to and relax. The hotel's comfortable and welcoming atmosphere provides the ideal conclusion to an exciting day in Copenhagen.

Activities for children

With Tivoli Hotel as your base, you are close to many experiences and activities for children in Copenhagen. Take the family to Tivoli Gardens or Copenhagen Zoo (in Danish), and try the fun interactive experiences at museums like Experimentarium.

Take a trip to Fælledparken, a large green oasis in Østerbro, which is another ideal place for families. With its large playgrounds, open lawns, and picnic areas, the park offers a perfect spot for outdoor play and relaxation. Here, children can enjoy the playgrounds while adults appreciate the park's scenic surroundings.

Moreover, The Blue Planet, Northern Europe's largest aquarium, is a fantastic experience for children. With thousands of sea creatures and impressive exhibits, it's a unique opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of the sea and get up close and personal.

Copenhagen also has many child-friendly museums, such as the National Museum, where children can learn about Danish history in a fun and interactive way.

With so many options, Copenhagen is the perfect destination for families looking for a city break with experiences that appeal to both children and adults. It's precisely this diversity that makes Copenhagen such a unique and welcoming city for families on an adventure.

Culinary experiences in Copenhagen: A mecca for food lovers

Copenhagen's culinary universe is a feast for the taste buds, offering everything from luxurious meals in Michelin-starred restaurants to relaxed cafes and bustling food markets. Here, you'll find a perfect mix of high gastronomy and cozy, local eateries.

The city's many Michelin-starred restaurants showcase culinary finesse, where skilled chefs work with the best ingredients.

For a more affordable gourmet experience, visit restaurants like Pluto, Marv & Ben, CAPA, Juju, Restaurant Frank (in Danish), Barr, Anarki, Kødbyens Fiskebar, or Theo.

Copenhagen's cafes are definitely worth a visit too and ideal for a cozy break, where you can enjoy traditional Danish smørrebrød. For a true Danish lunch experience, visit smørrebrød restaurants such as Schønnemann, Palægade, Aamanns (in Danish), or Selma.

For sweet temptations, visit patisseries like La Glace, Andersen Bakery (in Danish), or Hart Bageri.

Experience the city's lively food markets like Torvehallerne (in Danish) or Reffen Copenhagen Street Food, where you can taste a wealth of international dishes.

Copenhagen is also at the forefront with vegan and vegetarian restaurants, offering innovative and tasty plant-based dishes.

With its constantly evolving food scene, Copenhagen is thus a paradise for anyone who loves good food and drink.

Are you going on or considering a weekend stay?

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, offers a wealth of experiences that make it worth staying for several days. The city's charm and diversity are best appreciated when you take the time to explore the cozy districts, enjoy the rich cultural life, and taste the local cuisine.

For those of you looking for a romantic weekend getaway, Copenhagen is an ideal choice. The city is filled with picturesque sceneries, including lively shopping streets, unique design shops, green parks, and a beautiful waterfront. Imagine ending a day full of experiences with a glass of champagne at one of the city's cozy bars overlooking the water.

If you're taking a weekend trip with your children, Copenhagen will not disappoint. The city is full of child-friendly activities and places that are sure to delight the youngest family members. From family-friendly restaurants to parks and creative playgrounds, there's something for every taste, making it an ideal place for family adventures.

A weekend stay with girlfriends in Copenhagen is also a fantastic idea. The city is ideal for a girls' trip with its wide selection of cafes, shops, spa facilities, and cultural attractions. It's the perfect setting to enjoy each other's company, shop, relax, and create memories together.

So whether you're looking for romance, family adventures, or quality time with girlfriends, Copenhagen has something special to offer. So why settle for just one day when you can double the pleasure with a longer stay?

Book a stay at Tivoli Hotel

When planning a trip to Copenhagen, whether it's a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a fun trip with friends, Tivoli Hotel is the perfect choice.

For families, the hotel offers spacious family rooms and easy access to child-friendly attractions like Tivoli Gardens, where entertainment for all ages is guaranteed.

Couples will find the hotel's luxury, comfort, and central location ideal for romantic experiences and exploring the city.

Groups of friends will appreciate the hotel's proximity to the city's shopping streets, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant, pamper yourselves in the wellness area, or plan your next adventure in the city.

Tivoli Hotel offers an experience that enriches your visit to Copenhagen, no matter the occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay today.

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