Fun activities for children in Copenhagen

Welcome to a world of fun and educational activities and experiences for children in Copenhagen!

In our guide here on the page, we have found some of the best children's activities in Copenhagen that will delight children of all ages.

Let Tivoli Hotel be your base as you explore the countless child-friendly activities that our wonderful city has to offer.

In our guide to activities for children, you can read about:

  • Indoor activities, including museums and playlands
  • Outdoor activities, including outdoor playgrounds, Tivoli, and the Zoological Garden

Indoor activities for children - fun regardless of the weather

It's no secret that Copenhagen can have changeable weather, so it's perfect that there's a world of indoor activities that will keep the children entertained all day long.

Museums for children

There are many museums for children in Copenhagen, which will keep the little ones entertained for hours.


Experimentarium in Hellerup offers, among other things, a series of interactive exhibitions that are particularly appealing to 3-6-year-olds, who can learn about science through fun play and interaction.

Children's Museum in Frederiksberg

At the Children's Museum in Frederiksberg, children aged 3-12 can enjoy themselves in the various workshops and, for example, mix their own hand soaps or decorate a t-shirt.

The Children's Museum

In The Children's Museum, which is part of the National Museum, the little ones can explore children's history and play like never before. With exhibitions tailored to the little ones, learning is made fun.

Admission is free for children under 18 years to the museum.

The National Gallery of Denmark

You can also take the children to The National Gallery of Denmark, where families can explore Danish and international art.

The museum often offers family-friendly workshops and activity days that make art accessible and fun for all ages.

The admission is also free for children under 18 years.

The Blue Planet in Copenhagen

The Blue Planet in Copenhagen, Northern Europe's largest aquarium, is a magical place that awakens curiosity in children.

Here, the little explorers can dive into a world of colorful coral reefs, where a kaleidoscope of fish swims lively among the corals and on to the mysterious, dark depths of the ocean's oceans.

With more than 20,000 animals, the aquarium invites you on an unforgettable journey through the mysterious realms of the sea.

The interactive exhibits are tailored to capture and retain the children's attention, while they learn about the countless wonders of the sea through fun and enlightening activities.

One of the highlights is the touch pools, where children have the opportunity to feel the rough surface of starfish and the smooth skin of small sharks.

Libraries in Copenhagen

At Copenhagen Libraries, children can participate in storytelling hours or explore the colorful pages of children's books. These quiet oases offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and are a fantastic source of new learning and quiet reflection.

If you need some quiet time after a day full of impressions, Copenhagen Libraries offer "Fairy Tale Hours," where children can immerse themselves in stories and adventures that bring their imagination to life.

Playgrounds in Copenhagen

But the city's offerings don't stop there. Indoor playlands with climbing walls, bouncy castles, and mazes give children the chance to burn off energy while parents can relax with a cup of coffee.

For example, make your way to KU.BE in Frederiksberg (in Danish), which is a large culture and movement house.

Another favorite is the playland in Grøndalscentret (in Danish), an indoor playground with obstacle courses, climbing landscapes, ball courts, and much more.

Outdoor activities for children in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has many fun outdoor activities for children. We have selected our favorites below:

Outdoor playgrounds

Inner City

The playground in The King's Garden in Copenhagen is a magical experience for children. Here, the kids can jump on the back of a mythical dragon and be transported into an enchanting world, where golden eggs and whimsically carved wooden figures await.

The playground is shaped like a flower with four petals, where a radiant 'golden egg' in the center is the heart of the flower. Children can explore exciting walkways, meet fire-breathing dragons, and dig in deep sandboxes - if they have the imagination for it.


In Østerbro, you'll find the Tower Playground in Fælledparken, an interactive playground designed after five famous towers in Copenhagen: The Church of Our Saviour, City Hall Tower, The Round Tower, The Marble Church, and The Børs Tower.

In Fælledparken, you'll also find the Traffic Playground, where children of all ages can learn to navigate safely on bicycles. It's possible for children under 130 cm to borrow small bikes or balance bikes.

In Østerbro, you can also visit Skydebanehaven, a playground with a zip line, ball cage, climbing frames, tunnel tubes, and much more.


In Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, you'll find a bunch of cool playgrounds that are a hit for children of all ages. Everything from the fun playground in Frederiksberg Garden, to relaxing green spots in Søndermarken and creative corners by Solbjerg Cemetery.


A visit to Amager Beach Park is also recommended, where the kids can build sandcastles, swim in the shallow areas, or just enjoy a picnic by the water.

It's the perfect way to spend a warm and sunny day, engaging all senses.


In Valbyparken near Copenhagen, you'll find Denmark's largest nature playground with a hill landscape, willow huts, flower areas, a snail-shaped embankment, and climbing opportunities.

The area, which is surrounded by a walkway and five towers, offers exciting outdoor activities for children.

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Tivoli is a magical place, especially for children. The old garden is filled with colorful carousels, exciting roller coasters, and imaginative playgrounds that excite the younger guests.

When you step into Tivoli, you are met with an atmosphere of enchantment. The garden is not just an amusement park but a place where imagination becomes reality. For the children, every corner of the park is a new discovery with adventurous themes, from the soaring The Demon to the magical Flying Trunk.

Tivoli is also home to a series of seasonal festivals and events that transform the garden into a living canvas of culture and festivities. Christmas in Tivoli and Halloween are just a couple of examples of how the park changes character and offers unique experiences throughout the year.

Copenhagen ZOO

Copenhagen Zoo (in Danish) is an ideal place for children who are fascinated by wildlife and wish to learn more. Here, the young visitors can get close to exotic animals, participate in educational feeding sessions, and play in areas designed to enhance their understanding of the animals.

Furthermore, the garden offers educational workshops that provide insight into animal protection as well as changing exhibitions that enrich the understanding of nature's diversity.

See Copenhagen from the water with a canal tour

A canal tour is an ideal family activity, where you can not only relax and enjoy the city's beauty from the water but also have an educational experience.

The children will be captivated by the guides' stories about Copenhagen's historical buildings and the ships that have sailed in the harbor through the ages.

It's a unique way to see and learn about the city, which is both entertaining and informative. Canal tours can be experienced in several languages.

Activities for children at Tivoli Hotel

Children will never be bored at Tivoli Hotel

In addition to having easy access to the city's best activities from the hotel, we at Tivoli Hotel also have fun activities and facilities for the children.

We have a Rasmus Klump playroom, an exciting outdoor playground, and an inviting pool area that is perfect for children of all ages. On weekends and during school holidays, we also offer special activities for children.

Book your stay at Tivoli Hotel

At Tivoli Hotel, we are dedicated to making your family stay memorable. Our concierge is happy to help find more indoor activities for children in Copenhagen, so you can have an experience-rich stay.

Our central location in Copenhagen makes it easy to explore the city's attractions. With our family-friendly rooms and children's menus, we cater to the needs of the whole family.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next stay today.

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