A guide to culture in Copenhagen for both children and adults

We have handpicked a range of unforgettable cultural experiences for both children and adults that you must not miss during your visit to Copenhagen.

Dive into our extensive guide and read more about the rich cultural life that Copenhagen has to offer.

If you are staying at the Tivoli Hotel, you have all culture within easy reach.

In our guide to cultural experiences, you can read about:

  • Walking tours in Copenhagen
  • Museums in Copenhagen
  • Theater in Copenhagen
  • Architecture in Copenhagen
  • Cultural festivals in Copenhagen
  • Culture in Copenhagen for children

City walk in Copenhagen

For those of you who enjoy exploring on foot, Copenhagen offers a diversity of cultural experiences. The city center features beautiful historic buildings and cozy, cobblestone streets that invite for a relaxing stroll.

Many of the city's iconic sights are very close to each other in the center, such as the famous statue of The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, and the lively Nyhavn with its colorful houses and numerous restaurants.

You can also experience the city on bicycles, but walking through the city provides a unique opportunity to observe local life and enjoy the city's architectural details at a slower pace. A walking tour in Copenhagen is therefore an ideal way to experience the capital's charm and culture.

Walking tours with a guide and various themes

If you wish to have a guide with you on the tour, there are various providers of walking tours in Copenhagen. Depending on your interest, you can choose tours that focus on the city's architecture, art, and design. There are also tours that take you through Copenhagen's history, or that provide insight into the city's gastronomic universe.

A walking tour is not just an experience for adults. There are also walking tours designed for the little ones. How about a sightseeing tour that is structured as a treasure hunt?

Museums in Copenhagen

The museums in Copenhagen are a treasure trove of history and artistic beauty. Therefore, they offer something for everyone – and they are all within easy reach from the Tivoli Hotel:

  • Design Museum in Bredgade exhibits Danish and international industrial design, decorative arts, and crafts.
  • Thorvaldsen's Museum not only houses Thorvaldsen's own sculptures but also, for example, his collection of paintings by other artists.
  • The National Museum tells the story of Denmark.
  • The Glyptoteket contains an impressive collection of ancient art and works from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • At The Danish Architecture Center, you can learn about how architecture and design form the basis of our everyday lives.

Theater in Copenhagen

The city's theater scene is as vibrant as the city itself. From the historic halls of The Royal Theatre, where classical ballet, opera, and plays have been performed since 1748, to the modern and experimental stages like Betty Nansen Theatre and Theatre Republique, which explore contemporary themes and new forms of expression.

At The New Theatre, you can experience grand musicals of international caliber, while the intimate setting of Husets Theatre offers in-depth and often provocative drama. For the curious souls, there's The Boat Theatre, providing a unique experience of theater on the water. Copenhagen celebrates the performing arts in all its forms, making the city a true mecca for theater lovers.

And how about ending your evening with a lovely stay at the Tivoli Hotel?

Purchase tickets for upcoming performances for all the city's stages (in Danish)

Architecture in Copenhagen

Copenhagen boasts a range of impressive architectural sights that are a must for anyone visiting Copenhagen.

  • 8House (8TALLET): The building is a striking example of modern architecture in Ørestad.
  • Tietgenkollegiet: Inspired by traditional Chinese Tulou houses.
  • The Black Diamond: An impressive modern addition to the historic library, housing books, exhibitions, and a café.
  • Krøyers Plads: A cozy square in Christianshavn, surrounded by buildings that continue the area's historical architecture.
  • The Silo: A former grain silo transformed into a dramatic steel tower in Nordhavn.
  • The Royal Theatre: A center for dramatic arts, tailored for top-class theater productions with three stages.
  • Superkilen Park: A public recreational space in Nørrebro that celebrates diversity.
  • CopenHill: A futuristic ski slope on a waste-to-energy plant.
  • Portland Towers: One of the many architectural attractions in Nordhavn.

Cultural festivals in Copenhagen

All year round, Copenhagen hosts a range of festivals that celebrate everything from music and film to culinary arts and creative expressions. Our top favorites are:

  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival: The Copenhagen Jazz Festival fills the city's streets, cafes, and concert halls with rhythmic jazz tones every summer, attracting music lovers from near and far.
  • Copenhagen Opera Festival: The Copenhagen Opera Festival brings opera to the people, with performances in both traditional and unconventional venues around the city.
  • Copenhagen Light Festival: During the dark winter days, Copenhagen is illuminated by the Copenhagen Light Festival, where artistic light installations transform the city into a glowing piece of art.
  • Copenhagen Summer Festival: The Copenhagen Summer Festival presents world-class classical music and offers intimate concerts with both established artists and new talents.
  • Sakura Festival: The Sakura Festival (in Danish) in Copenhagen celebrates Japanese culture and the arrival of spring with a spectacular blooming of the cherry trees.

Culture in Copenhagen for children

There are plenty of cultural experiences for the little ones in Copenhagen. Here, play is combined with learning, making Copenhagen a great place for families to explore together.

National Museum

At the National Museum, great efforts have been made to make history accessible and exciting for children through interactive exhibitions where kids can dress up, participate in historical games, and even try their hand at ancient crafts. These activities provide children with a hands-on experience of history, making learning lively and memorable.


Tivoli, one of the world's oldest amusement parks, is a magical place for children with its perfect mix of traditional and modern rides. Children can experience everything from the old roller coaster to the newer, more adrenaline-pumping rides.

Tivoli is also known for its seasonal festivals, concerts, and theater performances, giving children a taste of culture and art.

The Blue Planet

At The Blue Planet, Northern Europe's largest aquarium, children can learn about life under the sea through interactive exhibits and close encounters with the inhabitants of the ocean.

The aquarium's focus on conservation and environmental education makes it both an entertaining and informative place for children.


Finally, there is the Experimentarium, a science center that manages to make science fun and accessible. With interactive exhibits covering everything from physics to biology, the Experimentarium gives children the chance to experiment, discover, and learn through play.

The place is therefore a true treasure trove for children with curious minds.

Read our guide to other fun activities and experiences for children in Copenhagen.

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