It can often feel hopeless to find a parking space in Copenhagen. Therefore, we have made it easy for you by gathering the best parking options for your stay, so you can easily find a spot close to the hotel.

We offer a large public parking garage, right at the doorstep!

At Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, we offer a large, video-monitored parking garage within our building, making it easy and convenient for you to park during your stay.

The garage accommodates 500 vehicles and spots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that the parking garage is publicly accessible, and we are therefore unable to reserve a spot for you. The entrance to the parking garage is located on Kristian Erslevs Gade.

Important: The maximum height in the parking garage is 2.00 m. The parking garage is open 24/7.


  • Per day  
  • Per hour  

Payment for parking can be made through:

  • Machines in the parking garage.
  • At within 48 hours after exiting.
  • If none of the above actions are completed, we will send an invoice including a handling fee.


The parking garage uses APCOA SmartParking. When you drive into the garage, your car's license plate is automatically registered.

If you are a frequent user of the parking garage or other APCOA SmartParking garages, you have the option to let the system save your license plate and payment information for future use.

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group does not take responsibility for any changes or price adjustments.

Need your car during your stay?

Register your license plate at the reception upon arrival, before you drive out for the first time. You can afterward enter and exit the parking garage during your stay without having to pay each time. Payment is made at the reception upon arrival.

For electric vehicle drivers

We offer a total of 17 (type 2) charging stations for electric vehicles in our parking garage.

The charging stations are distributed across these levels:

  • 9 units on Level B
  • 8 units on Level C

They are all painted green, making them easy to spot. The charging stations are branded by Clever, and both charging points are distributed through Clever's charging network.

You pay directly to Clever when charging your car in the parking garage at Tivoli Hotel. If you have questions about charging, please contact Clever Support directly at +45 8616 8888 or at (link in Danish). 

If you have an electric vehicle with a different type of connector than type 2 (e.g., Tesla type 1), you must bring your own converter to use the type 2 charger. Do you need an E.ON charging station? Find charging station on map

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