Themed Hotel – if you like Tivoli

Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen is both dazzling and stylish in its design. Its exterior is based on the Swedish landscape and the interior is designed with lots of light and modern furnishings.

The hotel offers a swimming pool, gym, bar and restaurant, indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as a sky bar and Sticks'n'Sushi and Mash on the 12th floor.

The hotel has 679 functional rooms, all designed around Tivoli's colour palette. If you're after a really special hotel experience, you can choose one of the hotel's themed rooms.

Close to Columbine and Harlequin

The theme rooms at Tivoli Hotel are the closest you'll come to Tivoli without actually stepping foot in the old gardens.

The bed, the walls and the floor in the rooms are all decorated using inspiration taken from the old Pantomime Theatre and Tivoli Garden.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a special experience and meet Columbine and Harlequin as they walk around the hotel corridors in the mornings and afternoons during Tivoli's opening hours (summer, halloween and Christmas).

Admire the hotel's specially designed Tivoli posters hanging along the corridors - a nice little detail that reinforces the themes as you walk around the hotel.

Book a room at Hotel Tivoli

You can choose from eight different room categories to suit your requirements. Please also note that extra beds or connecting doors are also possible.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, toilet and shower/bath, hairdryer, minibar and WiFi.

Book your accommodation today and look forward to a trip to Tivoli and enjoying some nights in stylish and comfortable surroundings.