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Vacation in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a perfect spot for a short city break or a longer vacation with the family. The beautiful Danish capital is filled with green parks and spaces, quaint cobble streets, great restaurants and trendy shops. 

Arp-Hansen Hotel Groups owns some of the city’s best hotels  - all centrally located. Choose to stay at the newly built Tivoli Hotel for a one-of-a-kind hotel experience and enjoy your vacation in Copenhagen!

Summertime in Copenhagen

The Danish summer is something very special with very long days, and short nights where darkness never really falls. 

Because of Copenhagen’s northern altitude, the city enjoys many hours of sunlight from May to September and especially around summer solstice the nights are very short and the days long and often sunny. 

Copenhagen has a special feel at summertime where all the locals gather outside in the streets and parks, and there are a lot of outdoor summer festivals in the city. 

Distortion is a 5 day long street party and celebration to the Copenhagen way of life. The festival takes place in different neighborhoods in Copenhagen and this mini festival is growing more popular each year. 

Other festivals include the jazz festival and various film festivals. 

Stay at the interesting Tivoli Hotel

The innovative theme hotel Tivoli Hotel at Kalvebod Brygge is the first of its kind in Copenhagen. 

The hotel features rooms with inspiration from the Tivoli Gardens – one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, located in central Copenhagen. Some rooms are lightly themed, while others are more heavily themed and will be a sure hit with children. 

The hotel offers free WiFi, a fitness room with an indoor pool, a playroom for the children and many other facilities. On the top floor you find a trendy sushi restaurant and a sky bar with a view of Copenhagen. 

Book your room online and enjoy your stay in Copenhagen.