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Theme rooms

A theme room at Tivoli Hotel is as close as you get to experiencing Tivoli Gardens without actually being there. The rooms are all inspired by the amusement park and staying in one of these rooms will almost make you feel like you are really there! The rooms also provide you with a nice view of either Islands Brygge or Columbine’s Garden.

Our theme rooms come in three categories:

The Guard room

Our boy rooms are all inspired by the Tivoli Boys Guard. Trumpets are transformed into bedside lamps, drums to tables, all with blue & white walls depicting the boy’s trousers.

Columbine’s room

The girl rooms are any princess’ dream. They are all inspired by Columbine, the beautiful dancer from the Tivoli Pantomine Theatre, with flowers and beautiful motifs on the walls.

Tivoli Time room

The Tivoli Time room is ideal for both boys and girls. The famous Pjerrot from Tivoli is standing at the end of the bed, welcoming you into a room decorated with large motifs on the walls and lamps shaped like “The Ferris Wheel” from Tivoli. 

Check out the rooms in 3D

Here you can explore the rooms in the Theme room category. Tivoli Hotel consists of two towers; City Tower and Harbour Tower – each with its own unique style. These rooms are located in the Harbour Tower. Choose a room, play it in 3D and get a better sense of the different styles.

  • The Guard room
  • Columbine's room
  • Tivoli Time room