Times change and we change with them.

Are you going to hold a product launch event, where people participate from near and far or a workshop where your entire company has to come together? Are you going to hold a meeting with business partners from across the globe or should your CEO give a big speech to the employees?

At Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, with our ‘state of the art’ setup, we can be your partner for holding online/virtual meetings and conferences. This way, you can meet few, and at the same time benefit from being able to communicate with many.

We have the leading equipment on the market, and "only the sky is the limit" in relation to what is possible. Our highly competent staff specializing in audio and camera is ready to give you the absolute best solution for holding your event. We can tailor it all to match your wishes and ideas, and we can help you shape your event based on our many years of experience in the industry.

We can help you arrange and run:

  • Hybrid meetings and conferences
  • Productions in own fully equipped studio
  • Webinars of all sizes
  • Live streaming and recording of meetings and conferences
  • Video conferences e.g. via Skype, Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams
  • Satellite Uplink
  • Facebook and YouTube communication solutions
  • Conference calls

We have all the equipment in the hotel, and our meeting rooms are ready so that you - even at short notice - can hold your meetings and conferences online/virtually.

Hear more about our professional setup

We are very happy to show our different solutions. Contact us and we will give you a brief overview of our comprehensive setup for online/virtual meetings and conferences, and thereby give you the full overview of the many options we have to offer.

Write to us at info@tivoli-cc.dk or call us via the number below.


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Monday – Thursday 8.30AM – 5PM
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Hybrid meetings

A hybrid meeting is an online meeting that includes both face-to-face and virtual presence. This way, it is possible to have participants present in one meeting room, while speakers and/or other participants join the meeting from afar.

The hybrid meeting happens via a technical setup that allows for everyone to see and hear each other at the same time. The technical solution is provided for instance via Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Teams etc.

A hybrid meeting can include a very simple setup and demand no extra time for preparations – but it can also be the complete opposite. This is why we tailor each specific solution, and it is important for us to help and guide you in both the planning and execution phase so you are left with a satisfactory result after the meeting is over.

We arrange the virtual meeting room for you as well as the necessary equipment in the conference room. In close cooperation with you, we will also arrange the necessary sound & audio tests prior to the actual meeting.

The costs for holding a hybrid meeting will evidently be based on the complexity of the required setup.

A couple of price examples could be:

Small hybrid meetings


For a hybrid meeting with a minor need for face-to-face participation (a maximum of 14 people) and with a simple setup, we can offer you a high-quality AV solution including camera and microphone for   incl. VAT, in addition to your meeting package. Please note that this solution will show all the physically present participants on the online participants’ screens.

Large hybrid meetings


For a hybrid meeting with a greater need for face-to-face participation and with a simple setup, we can offer you a high-quality AV solution including camera and microphone for   incl. VAT, in addition to your meeting package.

Please note that this solution will only show the speaker on the screen, and that the solution includes one camera, two handheld microphones for questions among the audience, and a headset for the speaker as well as a laptop with a Zoom setup. Furthermore, we have included a one-hour session for setup and testing with our technician prior to the meeting start.

Advanced hybrid meetings


For hybrid meetings with a need for a high-level resolution and sound quality as well as a greater need for face-to-face participation and with a more complex setup (including technical assistance throughout the meeting, division of face-to-face and virtual sessions or group work, Satellite Uplink with high security, live streaming and recording of the meetings and impressive scenography), we would always have to tailor the specific solution for you. Prices from:   incl. VAT.


A webinar is the same as a seminar, only held on the Internet instead of face-to-face. A webinar is often referred to as an ’online event’ and is used for product launches, lectures and presentations of new procedures and work topics.

The speaker at the webinar will be present at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center where our AV equipment and our professional technicians will record or live stream all sound and audio.  From here, the session will be broadcasted live through a signal via the Internet to the audience. This is also referred to as ‘distance learning’. In addition, if you wish, we can record the webinar and upload it on your own website or on SoMe channels.

Just like a hybrid meeting, a webinar can have a very simple setup, but it can also be planned and carried out as a major TV production. To meet your wishes and needs for the result, it is important to have an opening dialogue to ensure that you are provided with the correct technical setup, scenography and personal assistance.

We arrange the virtual meeting room for you as well as an invite link that you must send to the participants prior to the webinar. It is entirely up to you whether to wish to record the webinar or broadcast it live. No matter the complexity or the production, we have the facilities to hold all types of webinars.

A couple of price examples could be:

Webinar with face-to-face participation


If the participants are present at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, it is possible to arrange a webinar produced at an outside location to be viewed at the hotel.

We will provide the technical solution so you can watch the webinar in high-definition and ask questions during the session. 

In addition to the meeting package, the price would be   incl. VAT. Included in this rate is a steady camera without operator, and a streaming technician available.

Fixed studio production for two speakers


For minor productions with a maximum of two speakers in front of the cameras, we have arranged our own small, but fully equipped studio. This solution includes technical equipment such as backdrop, two operated cameras, and microphones for two speakers, lighting kit and technicians. It also includes live streaming via Vimeo and the option of having a link sent to you to be uploaded on your own website. 

Price for 8 hours with tests, production and staff included is additionally to the meeting room rental:   incl. VAT.

Great TV production in a large conference room


For great productions in large conference rooms with a complete AV solution that includes five microphones, four cameras of which two are manned, monitors, pipe, laptops and a video mixer as well as a streaming setup via Vimeo. In addition, a simple, but necessary scenography with a printed wall with your own graphics and a mat in matching colors.

Price from:   incl. VAT.